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Kevin Love: Everyone is Going Through Something that We Can’t See

Kevin Love, the 29-year-old center forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers, recently wrote a powerful article about his struggles with mental health. He is refreshingly transparent about the initial stigma he held...

Am I Likable?

What is the value of being a person who people feel comfortable approaching? I decided it'd be worth exploring what the Bible says about whether or not we need to make a conscious effort to be likable people...

Signs Your Marriage Needs Friends

If you’re looking for ways to renew the passion in your marriage, it may come as a surprise that alone time with your spouse won’t always do the trick.

Inclusion Rider: A Voice for the Voiceless

At the 90th annual Academy Awards this past weekend, there were a lot of great victories and historical moments. Jordan Peele was the first African-American to ever win Best Original Screenplay, and the third...

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