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3 Common Mistakes Couples Make During Engagement

Planning your wedding is an exciting, albeit taxing endeavor. But don't lose sign of what's more important: your engagement, and ultimately your marriage.

When to Guide Your Teen, and When to Give Them Space

The teen years are a daunting time. Lots of changes in the air. Expectations and insecurities are ramped up. Drama seems to lurk around every corner, and you’re wondering when it will ever end. And that...

Free Resources for North Bay Fire Evacuees

As the fight against the North Bay fires continues, several Bay Area businesses are offering free food, water, supplies, wifi, and health and wellness services to evacuees.  Here’s an ongoing list of...

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5 Steps Toward Refreshing Your Marriage

Oxford dictionary defines refresh as giving new strength or energy to, reinvigorate. We all get to places in our lives where we need a refresh button. Sometimes in the busy-ness of life we find ourselves just happy to...

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