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Setting Your Mind for a Spiritual Thanksgiving

This year, don't let stress crowd out the true meaning of Thanksgiving. This set of scriptures will help you focus on being thankful for God and those in your life, no matter what happens on your holiday.

Choosing to Be Close to God

God actually makes it really easy to understand what he wants by telling us in clear ways what makes him feel close to us. Like any friend he wants quality time and for us to choose to listen. Read these Scriptures and evaluate how you are treating...

Finding Purpose in Hard Times

When we go through hard things it can be difficult to let other people in, let God in and let God use what we are going through to help the people around us. The key to finding purpose in hard times is to focus on Scriptures that refocus our hearts...

Category - Scripture Playlists

Sets of scriptures for any situation.

Fighting Selfishness

Selfishness may be one of the easiest sins to get into, because often our first instinct is to consider what is best and easiest for ourselves before we consider others. So how do you develop a heart that is unselfish...

How to Handle Anger

How do you handle anger? Everyone gets angry from time to time, and for many different reasons. The question isn’t whether or not you get angry, but what you do with your emotions. Do you let your temper run out...

Why You Should Trust God

God is someone who makes big plans and promises to fulfill them. These Scriptures show us some of God’s amazing qualities and why we should trust him more. Number 23:19 ERV God is not a man; he will not lie. God...

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