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How BACC Members Are Providing Hurricane Harvey Relief, and How You Can Too

In the midst of the devastation left behind by Hurricane Harvey, several members of the Bay Area Christian Church have been inspired to find ways to provide support and relief to those in need in Houston. From fundraiser game nights to lemonade...

UPDATE: Supporting Houston’s Special Needs Families

The Autism Society of Texas is doing heroic work supporting Houston’s special needs families – but they can’t do it alone. That’s why we donated $2500 to help them meet the needs of the special needs families affected by...

BACC Hurricane Harvey Relief

There are tremendous efforts of heroism and sacrifice on daily display as Texas battles Hurricane Harvey.  We wanted to make certain the Bay Area Christian Church was in the fight.

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Uplifting stories of change taking place in the communities around us.

Above The Rim Summer League

What makes The BACC Above The Rim basketball league unique? Simply put, what we have to offer is more than a game, it is a place where we build family, lasting friendships, and have fun, all the while developing character in an incredibly...

3 Truths About Service

3 Truths About Service

Although my parents raised me well and did their best to teach me about the importance of service, I took the easier path of selfishness. Fortunately, when I was a freshman in college, I needed some community services hours for a class. I started...

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