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Give the Christmas Spirit to Children in Need at Our Annual Toy Drive

All kids deserve to have fun! This is especially true for children in the foster care system going through big changes and hard times. Leaving the lives they have known is always hard. It is even more challenging for the many who experienced...

Don’t Catch the Bug! 5 Essential Cold and Flu Prevention Steps

Staying healthy physically is a very important part of our spiritual well-being. At the Bay Area Christian Church, we understand that it’s incredibly difficult to love God and others with all your heart, soul, mind and strength when you are...

Free Resources for North Bay Fire Evacuees

As the fight against the North Bay fires continues, several Bay Area businesses are offering free food, water, supplies, wifi, and health and wellness services to evacuees.  Here’s an ongoing list of resources that has been circling social...

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Uplifting stories of change taking place in the communities around us.

Above The Rim Summer League

What makes The BACC Above The Rim basketball league unique? Simply put, what we have to offer is more than a game, it is a place where we build family, lasting friendships, and have fun, all the while developing...

3 Truths About Service

3 Truths About Service

Although my parents raised me well and did their best to teach me about the importance of service, I took the easier path of selfishness. Fortunately, when I was a freshman in college, I needed some community services...

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