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3 Truths About Service

3 Truths About Service

Although my parents raised me well and did their best to teach me about the importance of service, I took the easier path of selfishness. Fortunately, when I was a freshman in college, I needed some community services...

Why Breakups Aren’t Fatal

Many years ago, I went through a breakup that left me seriously heartbroken. I had just come back from visiting my parents on a different continent and telling them that I met the woman of my dreams. I told them she was...

What Spirituality Looks Like

Growing up, I was pretty confused about spirituality. My very limited understanding led me to believe that spirituality was boring and I decided that I would consider my relationship with God when got old and was done...

3 Ways to Let God Rewrite Your Story

This summer our focus is helping us each experience a “rewrite” in our personal relationship with God. A rewrite is more than a cliche or temporary behavior modification – it’s a permanent and inspirational...

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